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GTP™ Series

When treasure hunting, seeing the size of a buried target may mean the difference between digging trash and digging treasure! That's why you need Garrett's Graphic Target Profiling (GTP) 1350.


The GTP 1350 is packed with many of the same amazing technologies that are featured in Garrett's elite GTI series. And it offers exclusive profiling technology that identifies the size (Small, Medium, Large) of a target on the LCD display. The GTP also comes with Garrett's highly rugged 7x10" PROformance™ searchcoil, which means you search deeper and cover more ground per sweep than with traditional coils.

Graphic Target Profiling technology puts the GTP 1350 in a league of its own.
GTP™ 1350 [click here for more info]
  • Graphic Target Profiling™ detector
  • Powerful, DSP-based machine
  • Dynamic target size information - (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Garrett's RHINO TOUGH 7x10" PROformance Elliptical searchcoil
  • Highest performing, deepest seeking and most advanced metal detector in its price range