Whether you are conducting a Crime Scene Investigation on land or under water, Garrett has the right metal detector to locate hidden or missing evidence including guns, knives and other metallic weapons. With our simple-to-use One-Touch™ operation you simply turn on Garrett's detectors and begin searching.

CSI 250™
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Garrett's CSI 250 is simple to operate, yet features unparalleled performance for budget-minded departments and agencies. It includes superior technology such as a graphic target ID, sensitivity adjustment and notch discrimination to accurately identify the type of target detected. The CSI 250 also includes the 6.5 x 9" PROformance™ searchcoil, which covers more ground per sweep and is submersible. This advanced metal detector also features a Target ID Legend designed to identify targets commonly sought in crime scene investigations.

Investigator G-500™
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The Investigator G-500 is a microprocessor-driven ground search detector that automatically pinpoints targets. Simply press the POWER touchpad to begin your search for hidden weapons and evidence; the Investigator 500's patented Graphic Target Analyzer™ will let you know what you've found before you even start to dig.

The Investigator G-500 is extremely easy to use. Its easy-to-read LCD continuously displays all control and discrimination settings, while the Target ID cursor helps identify specific targets even in trashy areas. The G-500 offers an All-Metal search mode or a 24-notch Discrimination mode that can be tailored to exclude specific targets from detection.


Investigator CX Plus™
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The microprocessor-driven Investigator CX Plus is designed to achieve extraordinary depth and efficiency under the toughest operating and ground conditions. This successor to the famed Master Hunter® CX detector builds upon the technology of its predecessor, incorporating a more rugged LCD that reveals a detected target's identity and conductivity while in the All-metal or Discrimination search mode.

To hunt for deeply buried targets, switch to the All-Metal mode and Garrett's exclusive Fast Track™ will ground balance the detector's circuitry. Attach Garrett's famed Bloodhound Depth Multiplier™ to search at depths two to four times deeper than conventional searchcoils.


Sea Hunter Mark II™
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The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II is a microprocessor driven pulse induction submersible that is lightweight, highly durable and very easy to use. It can locate ferrous and non-ferrous metals concealed within and beneath aquatic growth, bottom soil and rocks, wood and other non-metallic materials. Even large items such as boats, motors and safes can be detected several feet deep by the Sea Hunter Mark II.

The Sea Hunter's high performance, custom-designed housing and multiple configurations make it a favorite among crime scene investigators. It boasts superb sensitivity, speedy target response and features an exclusive Discrete Target Elimination mode, in addition to a standard one, which enables it to differentiate between similarly conductive targets more precisely, helping to zero in on target items without digging up a lot of trash.

The Sea Hunter Mark II comes with four handy stem mounts: the long stem with top stem mount, under cuff stem mount, hip mount and the short stem ScubaMate. The long stem enables you to carry the control housing on your waist or shoulder, while the ScubaMate is ideal for searching on land or in shallow water.