Walk-Through Metal Detector Accessories

Model #2225400 - for PD 6500i (Quick Recharge Capability)
Model #2225700 - for CS 5000 and MS 3500
Model #2225770 - for MT 5500
Battery Backup allows convenient 12V operation and operates up to 20 hours on one charge.
Model #2225600 - Desktop Remote Control
With standard 50 ft. length of cable (300 ft. maximum). Contains LED indicators, LCD readout and touchpads for easy operation.
Model #1600600 - Operational Test Piece (OTP)
Designed to simulate in size, shape and composition the smallest forbidden object for testing and verifying calibration settings of walk-through detectors. Made to the specifications of the FAA.
Model #1601200 - Pocket Item Container
Used for placement of pocket items prior to screening.
Model #1603900 - Stabilizer Base
Provides excellent stability for Garrett walk-throughs under all operating conditions. Easy to set up in a short time.

Hand-Held Metal Detector Accessories

Belt Holder - SuperScanner
Made of durable ballistic weave material and can be worn on a belt or mounted in a car.
Model #1611600
Rechargeable Battery Kit - SuperScanner
Allows recharging without the need to remove battery. Includes environmentally friendly Cadmium free Ni-MH battery and charger.
110V (Model #1610200)
220V (Model #1610800)
Leather Belt Loop Harness
Strong harness used to carry the detector on person.
Model #1600800
Masks outside noise.
Model #1600100
Rechargeable Battery Kit - SuperWand
Includes two (2) environmentally friendly Cadmium free Ni-MH batteries and charger
110V (Model #1612000)
220V (Model #1612100)
Belt Holder - SuperWand
Made from durable ballistic weave for
use on belt or to mount in patrol car.
Model #1620300

Ground Search Metal Detector Accessories

Depth Multiplier - for Investigator CX Plus
Finds large targets at the greatest possible depth and ignores small trash items.
Model #1611700
Headphone Set

Model #1603000
Carryall Bag
Strong carry bag for ground search detectors. With a convenient pouch for headphones.
Model #1608700